Introducing Myself

Hello everyone! I’m here to introduce myself to all of you. I’m Grace Mae Oliveros, 14 years of age. I lived in Tolingon, Isabel Leyte, Philippines. I have 1 younger and pretty younger sister and 1 cute, adorable youngest brother. The name of our parents is Amelca Oliveros and Samuel Oliveros. We are not that rich but at least we have Christ in our hearts.

I love being always with my family because they are my life and the source of my happines, I am here speaking to all of you because of them. I’m proud to say that I am a Filipina! I love our culture here most especially the people who’s very respectful and good to everyone.

I am the not the best student and a best friend you’ve ever expected to be, but I’m the best big sister to my siblings. I do my job always to them and I really, really love them always.

When I was being challenge in every aspects in life, I automatically get downcast. But, I know God will help me! There’s no problem that God cannot solve.

Next year I want to be more successful. I want to be more mature enough because sometimes, I act like a childish. I also want to proceed in another grade level successfully even though there’s so many hindrances in my school life and most especially my health.

To understand something is like you’ll understand everyone’s decision/opinion. Don’t be like those people who’s always get in trouble because they doesn’t understand each and everyone’s side. Be an understandable person.

For me, school should be “a School for Learning not School for Competency”. I noticed so many students who’s always afraid of having low grades because according to the society and everyone around us was assuming and saying that “Depending on how good your grades are, that’s how successful life you are going to be.” School should do something for this. They should appreciate each students and whenever there’s a student who’s not that smart, they should teach them not mock them.

What should I do to the things I know? Well, I want to know more about it, most especially guitar.

I’m a picky reader. I don’t easily read and love the story whenever there’s a tragic happening in the last part. Also, my strength as a reader I want to read books because it give me so many lessons in life.

My heroe is wonder woman. Somepeople may think that a woman is weak, not good enough but they’re wrong! We, womans deserve to be respected, not discriminated.

What I want to learn this year is how I will be more grown up spiritually, I want to be more close enough to God. I’m curious on how the Lord made the universe that is beautiful, so very wide and big. What a person can do with curiosity? “It makes you desirous to explore new ideas and other ways of doing things.”~SuccessConsciousness

I’m creative when I was imagining things that widen my learnings. It might be all about my life in the future.

You want to know more about me? I’m a person who’s always be with you whenever you feel sad and alone.

My life as a student before pandemic is okay. I’m just studying for myself, my grades are okay. But during the pandemic I’m exhausted, there’s so many project being given by the school and now I’m still adjusting the situation.

I’m a good student and a good learner. I respect my every classmates and teachers. There’s a difference between this two. Being a good student is your attitude and how you balance you time in studying at school. And being a good learner, you should always be positive in all of your activities at school.

Thank you for reading! God bless!

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